Reading stack diagrams

The following notation is used to signify specific object types:

"a"character string
obj1objects of any type

The objects initially on the stack are shown on the left side of the arrow (->). The objects returned by the function are displayed on the right side of the arrow. For each side of the stack, the right-most object is the object on Level 1. The left-most object must therefore be pushed onto the stack first.



a b->c

This function takes two real numbers and returns one real number. To push 2 and 3 on the stack, type 2<enter>3<enter>. The stack will now contain 2: 2, 1: 3. In this case a will be 2 and b will be 3. Most functions require an <enter> to execute the function. Most of the one character functions do not require an <enter>. In this case just type the power symbol (^).